I am, I am, I am.

I'm Emily. I do political science, Spanish and finance. Likes: Diet Coke, Leslie Knope, dessert, español, dancing, Miami Dolphins, #ncpol & designer clothes. ♥


My host mom gives me enough food to feed a small family, I finally learned how to open the door, I spent three hours this morning discussing complex tenses in Spanish, and I think I’m going to siesta before the movie tonight and school supplies shopping.



Today I had class with boys for the first time in a while, dressed like a traditional Galician woman and learned some dances, had Churros with chocolate for dinner and was probably the non-legit student placed into the advanced level of Spanish with all the super legit students. By super legit, I mean all of them have lived in a Spanish speaking country for at least a year.

We’ll see how all of this goes..



We explored the Palacio Real this morning, wandered across a military parade, discovered the Plaza de Espana, ate Turkish food, took a siesta in the Parque del Buen Retiro, explored the Barrio de Los Escritores, had Italian food, drank a deliciously sweet Spanish coffee and relaxed in front of the Plaza and in front of the Palacio together all day.

Off to Santiago tomorrow! Can’t wait to meet my host family.



Did not think I could top yesterday, but somehow we did. I just walked for 11.5 hours across Madrid. We started at the Plaza de Espana, went to eat Churros and Chocolate for breakfast, went to the Prado for a couple hours, ate lunch at a cute tapas place (I had a tortilla which is like an omelette and fresh cheese), went on a scavenger hunt around the city, saw the Real Madrid stadium, couldn’t find a bathroom, drank too much Coca Cola Light, talked to a group of Spanish boys around football/soccer, saw Guernica in the Museo de Reina Sofia, and am now getting ready to go out to dinner with the group.

Voy a morir.


Literally just walked around Madrid for eight hours. We saw many plazas like the Plaza de Colon and Plaza de Espana, ate some tapas, went to the Parque del Retiro, ate some frozen yogurt, saw the National Library and just explored in the really really hot weather.


Watch out, Spain. I have arrived.

It was a bit disorienting getting to the hostel from the airport and even inside the hostel, but I’m here. I had a nice sandwich in Fuencarral square and listened to live music from two pretty talented musicians. Shout out to them for playing Michel Telo and Maroon Five. Impressive combo.

I just walked home in the rain after drinking free sangria all night and watching the last half of the Czech Republic Greece Euro Cup game. The Czech Republic won, so yay! I had two warm chocolate rolls this morning and a big mozzarella stick for lunch. Today was a good last day :)


I did so many obligatory tourist things in Prague today. I walked on the Charles Bridge, posed in front of the John Lennon Wall, and took the train up to the top of Petrin. I also tried Czech vegan food (not bad) and ran quickly from the rain.

Two days left until MADRID :)